IT Training Courses from Instaily Academy

IT Training Courses from Instaily Academy

Our software courses are customised as per industry requirements and trends in emerging technologies.

Learn Python Programming and Code Training

Learn Python like a Professional Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own applications and...
79 ₹8,999.00

Master Class Software Testing with Jira & Agile – Be a QA Lead

Software testing is a vital skill for any software developer, as it ensures the quality and functionality of the software...
48 ₹18,000.00

HR Management Expert

In the modern competitive market, the most growing companies invest in different strategies for hiring the best talents. Because the...
79 ₹25,990.00

App development using React Native

A mobile application is much more engaging and able to leave a positive impact on the mind of the audience....
293 ₹29,999.00

Full stack development with Python and Django

Do you dream of becoming a successful Python and Django developer? If so, you've come to the right place. Our...
184 ₹25,990.00

Mean Stack Development Full Course

In the professional world, nothing but your knowledge, skills, and experience matter. When you choose to be a Node.js developer,...
177 ₹25,990.00

Full Stack development with Laravel

Every developer focus to develop an application without any obstruction promptly. There are many programming languages that website and application...
57 ₹25,990.00

Frontend Development with Angular

Having knowledge of Angular means keeping yourself one step forward in the competition of developers. Angular JS course in Instaily...
224 ₹18,990.00

Frontend development with React

In this era of technological development, the future scopes of potential candidates with knowledge of React JS are always high....
498 ₹25,000.00₹18,990.00

About instaily

Empowering Individuals with
Cutting-Edge IT Skills

We are a group of Professional Programmers having extensive experience of Real World Programming. We are venturing into the world of Technical Training to share our acquired knowledge with freshers.

IT Training Institute Kolkata

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Following Are Some Key Features of Our Software Courses.

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Our Trainers

Our Trainers

Professional & Experienced

Anand Singh
Professional Backend Developer
Anand Singh, completed his B.E. from Narula Institute of Technology before co-founding Vyrazu Labs. Currently he heads all the mission critical projects related to PHP, .NET and Angular JS. Over the years he has led project teams which have designed and developed successful software products using the SaaS model of...
Vasu naman
Android Developer
Vasu Naman, a co-founder of Vyrazu Labs completed his B.E. from Narula Institute of Technology before setting up Vyrazu Labs. Devising solutions to complex problems encountered while designing applications is his forte. Vasu has worked on important projects designing the software architecture of complex applications across different domains. Business Process...
Neha Singh
Digital Marketing
Neha Singh, an MBA is an accomplished veteran in the area of Digital Marketing, having taken on many client assignments as a Digital Marketeer and Digital Marketing Consultant. Her core competencies include devising ways to enhance the brand value of organisations by usage of Google Adworks, Google Keyword Planner, SEO,...
Akash Sahu
iOS Developer
Akash Sahu, a B.Tech in IT is a Tech Lead and devises solutions for iPhone applications. He has a wide range of skills, starting from usage of augmented reality, scene kit, developing real time chat applications, conversion of an woocommerce site into an iOS app, conversion of a Magento site...

A Great Place to Grow

A Great Place to Grow

Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

I gathered knowledge and developed my skills on iPhone App development by working with Instaily. I liked the working environment of Instaily and it is very suitable for a fresher. They helped me find the right solutions for critical problems. I can say that they provided the best IT training in Kolkata. So, I'm very thankful to Instaily for giving me an opportunity to work with them.

Biswanath Saha

Course: iPhone App Development
The internship opportunity I had with Instaily Pvt Ltd was a great chance for learning and professional development. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me through this internship period. Their course can be easily said to be the best web design course in Kolkata.I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to Mr. Vasu Naman..

Kaustav Ghosh

Course: Web Design
I was in search of gaining practical work experience. Instaily gave me a great opportunity by providing me the internship where I enrolled for the best digital marketing course in Kolkata. This internship has proved to be a boon to me since it has enriched my knowledge as well as the level of skill through preparation of project. The wonderful infrastructure of the company gave me ample scope for the implementation of my theoretical knowledge into practical work..

Swagata Das

Course: PHP Training
When I began my MBA journey, I was quite perplexed about the direction in which my career would go. Determining what job function, role or company I should aspire during my search for a summer internship seemed like a mammoth task. The only thing I was clear about was that I wanted an entirely different work experience This summer internship opportunity was indispensable in giving me an exposure to an entirely new work area and also in helping me foresee my career path post B-School..

Aastha Jain

Course: Digital Marketing Course
Doing an internship at Instaily was a great time and the best decision I could have made for my summer internship. My interest in php, allowed me to get to know most of the operating projects of Instaily. Doing my work, was fun as the senior personnel were interested and open to new ideas. Working together with bright people, alongwith the personal guidance of the CEO has been a blessing..

Supriyo Naskar

Course: Digital Marketing Course
I got an opportunity to do a summer training program at Instaily which included a training on Angular JS. After the training, I was allocated a project where my responsibility was clearly defined. During my training I learnt how to do collaborative project using different tools like GitLab, Orangescrum. We have been given a proper industrial exposure. There is no doubt that the training given was the best Angular JS training I could have received in Kolkata..

Soumi Pal

Course: Angular JS

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